DeviceOrientationCamera on android devices shakes

Hi, when trying to create a project with device orientation camera

I have noticed bad performance on android devices (tested on Samsung galaxy S20, S20 FE, Galaxy A51). On iPhone devices everyhing works smooth, but on android it shakes for a sec when you stop rotating.

You can use this from official docs as example:
This problems also occures on aFrame: 360° Image . It shakes until you click on AR button and place it (this enables movement from camera and not just rotation)

Is there a probleme with API that babylon uses, or is there a way to fix this issue?

cc @RaananW and @PolygonalSun if they can have a look ?

First to your last comment -

The device orientation camera is not an AR camera. it is a camera based on the camera’s orientation (i.e. rotation) in space. if you want an ar camera (that will also follow your movement in space) you need to use the webxr helper (or directly the webxr camera). You can see here -

Now, about this specific camera - I couldn’t reproduce any performance issue. Since we relay on the browser’s orientation API, we use anything the device sends us directly and unfiltered. Meaning - in that case it is sadly the device’s fault. iPhones must filter the orientation data better. It is the same with trying to use a compass app - you will see that it is sometimes a bit unstable.

The WebXR camera uses orientation based on visuals (well, also visuals), so it is more stable.