DeviceSourceManager issue with the touch input on iPad

Hi, i’m try to use the class DeviceSourceManager for managing the user inputs but i have problem with the touch input on iPad whit Safari, the device connection is detected but when i use the getDeviceSource method for get the device it return ever null.
I have try the code on Android whit Chrome and it work.

My code is like that:

let dsm = new BABYLON.DeviceSourceManager(scene.getEngine());

 	console.log("Connected device type: " + device.deviceType); //Log type 3    	

scene.registerBeforeRender(function() {
    let touch = dsm.getDeviceSource(BABYLON.DeviceType.Touch);
    console.log(touch); //Log null        

I have used: Babylon v4.2.0, PEP v0.4.3, Safari on iPadOS 14.
Thanks for help.

Adding @PolygonalSun

Lemme take a look and see what’s going on