Did BJS GUI... get bigger-sized somehow?

Hi gang. Most of you know about my physics flying machine project… I’ve been working on it for nearly 6 years… and talking the whole time. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#PBVEM#316

That’s a version where I am doing Station Keeping Auto Pilot (skap) tests on top-panel buttons/handlers… so I start the flyer flying or tumbling or both… at scene start. Not important.

What I noticed… is that suddenly (within last 2 weeks)… none of the GUI fits like it used-to. It looks like it all got bigger. I got text overflows on my rotation numbers “blue line”, and ALL the rects look taller, and all the side buttons don’t fit into their former rects. I had to reduce button heights to make #317 sidepanels look correct again… not be over-flowed.

Has anyone got the story on this? Normal? Expected? Something screwed up? Whatever happened, it might affect backward-compat… and I know the core team wants to keep good BC. Thanks!

Just a note, when clicking on the playground and changing the versions to 4.0.3 and 3.3.0 the overflow still happens.

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Which means it is not a problem on babylon GUI side :slight_smile:

GOOD! (thx) Or, the version selector drop-down is broken. :slight_smile:

Got any ideas what might have changed… even at my house? I’ll gladly take them, if you have some ideas and time. (others, too). I don’t remember making any changes on my machine… that would cause that… but… I’m getting old and forgetful. :slight_smile:

I don’t THINK I’ve worked on the GUI… for quite a few months. Even old version #302 has tall sidebar buttons… and that was… oh… about forever ago, and I would have fixed those right away if I saw them that way.

I double checked that of course but it works as expected (you can see the console log for the current version)

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Cool, yep, thx. hmm. I can’t really close this topic, yet. I’m going to ask if anyone has seen similar indications of GUI “slight upscale” lately.

You’re rarely wrong, DK… but once per decade… ya know… :slight_smile:

BJS mysteries… coding curve-balls… I guess they are part of the fun of programming. I’ll put on my Sherlock Holmes outfit and try to fig what I accidentally changed, here. :slight_smile:

Ok, so… Hey other GUI folk… have ya seen any unexpected control-size increases, recently? Please report here. thx!

Anyone see https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#WZZDNR#16 overflowing the bottom, a bit? I do.

That PG honors control-mousewheel, so i can get it back into shape. My flyer PG… doesn’t allow control-mousewheel GUI-scaling.

Oh wait… it does when I hover over PG-app top menu. Then control-mousewheel affects everything… including control sizes. hmm.

Yeah, this has SOMETHING to do with the control-mousewheel here, on my browser.

SORRRY for the goose chase, guys. sigh. Something is fooling me here, and I need to study it.

It’s almost as if my Firefox is remembering where the control-mousewheel was set… when it closes… and therefore uses the same up-scale setting… when a new browser is launched. Maybe that’s normal.

But yeah… no problems with BJS… as DK states. Local retardation. Sorry again. Marking as solved.

Maybe you could post screenshots of what you are seeing vs what you are expected to see. This is what I see on the particle PG

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Yeah, its a local problem (at my puter)… me being stupid.


All I did was hover the pointer over the PG app’s top menu, do ONE NOTCH control-mousewheel down-scale… and 316’s GUI came back to perfect… all buttons fitting into sidebar rects… all fixed.

So, it was all my fault. But hey… thanks for the help/info/ideas… DW. I appreciate your input… very nice of ya.


Ahh, your zoom level on your browser. Idk why I was struggling to understand that. :slight_smile:

I need to learn a bit more about GUI (and browsers). The rects that surround the side-bar buttons… and all the buttons… don’t control-mousewheel scale WITH the buttons they contain. It is probably a missing resizeToFitChildren = true… setting… on my rects. sigh.

Generally, I just turn nuts and bolts, and don’t study the tools I’m using… to do that. Children with power tools, ya know? :slight_smile:

I HATE when I ask questions before doing proper investigation of my own actions. Embarrassing. sigh. I wasted everyone’s time and energy on this one… sorry.