Difference in shader uniforms passed to Babylon Native?

@Cedric @bghgary

I’m trying to port a custom vertex ShaderMaterial which works fine in Babylon.js but is screwed up in Babylon Native (compiles with no errors but visually incorrect). I’m just wondering if there’s a difference in the inbuilt, computed uniforms passed to the shader between Babylon.js and Babylon Native, specifically worldViewProjection and/or projection?

Actually, after more experimentation this maybe due to right handed coordinate system. Our Babylon Native project is using a right handed coordinate system whereas my Babylon.js test code is default left handed.

I get completely different vertex shader results for left vs right handed and I’m unsure how to modify the shader to compensate.

OK, I feel stupid now. I turns out all I needed to do was flip the normals in the shader for right handed system, otherwise I was looking mostly at back faces. :roll_eyes: