Disable arc cam temporarily for tweening

Hi there,
I set up position animations using BJS built-in animation system, and it works nice. The only downside is that the arc cam controller (the animated object is camera), seems to be sort of “frozen” - ie. when I try to navigate the camera after the animation is ended, the camera snaps back to the last frame of the ended animation. My loop mode is set to ANIMATIONLOOPMODE_CONSTANT. Is that because the last frame is played indefinitely with that behaviour? Should I stop animation manually and set keys collection to empty set?

See Animations - Babylon.js Documentation

ANIMATIONLOOPMODE_CONSTANT will retain the latest value of the anim. You should stop the animation if you want to be able to change the values manually.

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@Evgeni_Popov yes, I have seen it, only it wasn’t clear if this means the animation is being played with frame locked or animation is stopped while retaining the last frame inside the texture. This clears it up. Thanks!