Disable camera depending scaling on a Sprite

as a follow upon some of my hotspot questions:
Is it somehow possible to attach a Sprite in the 3D realm but keep it from scaling with the camera zoom?
I am basically trying to create clickable Hotspots ( including text ) on a model that should always have the same size.
In this playground example, the sprites are nicely rotating with the model but are scaling:
and in this example, using the gizmo manager, the sprites are always the same size, but they are also visible when they are “behind” the model.
Now I would just need to somehow combine the two :slight_smile:
Thanks again for all help!


You can take your first solution and then add a function on scene.registerBeforeRender() to scale the sprites up and down based on camera position?

Well, I opted for

sprite.size = .1*scene.activeCamera.lowerRadiusLimit

that keeps it in proportion.