Disable camera near plane clipping


I would like to disable the near plane clipping from my ArcRotateCamera so I will no longer be able to see through meshes like in the following screenshot:

The result I’m trying to achieve would be something like this ( a “solid” mesh):

How to reproduce this issue:

Go to HexTank.io and collide with a building.

Solutions tried:


Nothing seems to work so far!

Hi. Have you tried

camera.minZ = 0; ?

Yes, but without any effect.

Oh, I didn’t understand your issue. Maybe set this on building material?

material.backFaceCulling = false

Seems like its backface culling issue, not camera near plane issue.


That was the issue.
I’m using InstancedMesh so you need to set the material property on each instance not just on the source mesh. That’s why it wasn’t working when I first tried it!

material.backFaceCulling = false;

Also please note that the value should be false, not true.