Zoom to the mesh as close as possible

Hello everyone!
I came across a small problem with coming close to the object/mesh. Basically user (camera) cannot go to the object very close because it’s just disappearing.

This is “pre camera movement” image:

And this is after zooming in. I just wanted e.q. see details of screws in that model but it will disappear after coming too close.

Is it something that I can turn off from the scene?

I believe what’s going on is I can see the area from the “near plane” to the “far plane” but I can’t see “camera position” to “near plane” (that’s how I explain it to myself)

Is it called clipping distance?

It’s the position of the near plane that leads to the clipping you experience in your screenshot.

You can lower the value: camera.minZ = 0.1. I think 0.1 is the minimum value, if you set a lower value it will be reset to 0.1


That’s it! Thank you.
zooming works great now

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I’m not aware of this restriction. If you set the minZ to less than or equal to 0, then it will be reset to 0.1, but you should be able to set to a value between 0 and 0.1 no problem?

My bad, it is indeed only if minZ <= 0 that it is reset to 0.1

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