Displacement map not working on imported meshes

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Trying to apply displacement map for my own mesh but failed. I found on babylon native meshes (ground, sphere, etc…), I am able to make displacement works. But when I tried my own mesh, it didn’t work - not even meshes from babylonjs’s mesh library:

Follow up: Found this topic and PG:

Looks this is the solution to that? Or are there any insights?

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Funny enough the solution in the thread you mentioned is exactly the same solution for your issue.

You have to set the forceUpdated to true in the “mesh.applyDisplacementMap” method


Btw meshes[0] on glb files is always root, and you cannot use this method, or better said it’s pointless to use this method on the root mesh. So you can remove that part.



Hey Nogalo, thank you for the reply! Actually I was thinking that using asset manager was the reason makes things work. But the forceUpdate flag makes much more sense now.

Also thanks for the info about the meshes[0] root. Super great to know :smile:

Thank you for the clarification!
Happy 2023!

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