Divine Voxel Engine - Voxel Engine Made With Babylon.js - Alpha 1.0 Out Now

I would be honored. If you need anything specific from me please let me know.

:frowning: It doesn’t want to load on my machine.

I may be doing something dumb, but I tried in Edge and Chrome and get the same result. It seems to get stuck on loading a saved game. I see a console log saying data is syncing, so it’s not completely frozen, but it never gets to zero pending loads on the main screen.

All right thank you for letting me know.

In order to fix this temporarily you can go to the applications/database in dev tools and delete all the databases and then try it again.

I have an idea of what might be happening it is probably related to an async/multi-threading problem. I think somehow IWG tried to load or generate the same column at the same time or indexDB failed somewhere.

If this was all on one thread it would be so much easier but since it uses practically all the threads it can it has proven difficult but I think it is getting there.

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Yep, that worked! Looks amazing!

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And before I forget (should probably put it somewhere on the site) press Q to bring up the game menu while playing

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If you haven’t already done so, would you mind submitting it to this post: Babylon.js 6.0 Release Video: Community Submissions - #4 by stephenbuilds That’s the thread we’re using to officially keep track of all community submissions for the 6.0 release video! Thanks!

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I know I always say this but this project is infinitely amazing and everything you do makes me flip over in amazement :heart_eyes:


Can’t wait for the sound bit to be fully up :slight_smile:


Thanks for your kind words I am happy people find it magical.
This is who I aspire to be:

So, I would say it is working out lol.

I did talk to my sound design guy and I will have sounds for the spells and voxels very soon. As well as music. Though I will have to add a screen at the start to initialize the audio.

But for the world gen issue I think I may have patched it and will have an update very soon for it.


So, first I want to say I did some awesome updates to DVE. You are basically going to be able to have any custom mesh attributes and shaders that you want. And I was able to reduce the number of attributes for the chunk meshes by 3 saving 20 bytes per vertex by condensing the data down using bit math.

I just released the new version of Dream Space Infinite. I’ve fixed a lot of bugs and added a lot of awesome stuff.

  • Inventory system and hot bar system.
  • Stored inventory and loot tables.
  • Wave function collapsed based structure generation.
  • More sophisticated and decorated world generating.
  • Control, video, audio, and world gen settings.
  • A test world generation mode that just makes a flat world.
  • “God mode” which will let you have every item in the game.
  • Spell crafting/forging and special magic alters and alchemy

Now I think I am gonna take a nap. lol


Those screens are GORGEOUS :star_struck:

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Among some more bug fixies I added a ColorCorrectionPostProcess to Dream Space Infinite.

Here is the custom LUT table I made for it:
Thanks for providing the base example in the docs!

I think I was struggling a bit with a disconnect with how the textures looked in Photoshop vs how they showed up on screen. Now I think everything is very close to how I intended it to look.

Much more cool stuff coming soon with DVE I’ve just been having fun with this and trust me this game is pushing DVE to the utter limit.


I’m repeating myself here but gosh I’m enchanted all the time by your screenshots. You keep acheiving new heights! :mountain:

And all of these could be super cool wallpapers too :rofl: I especially like the second one, it looks like a magical fairy forest! :star_struck:

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Have you introduced entities into all this yet? It would be cool to see some monsters and other things besides level structure.

Straight up impressive work though!

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I honestly have considered finding out a way to take super high resolution pictures so that I could make actual poster of some of the screenshots.
But yeah you are right some do make nice wall papers and I do use them as wall papers lol.

Entities are the next thing on my list.
Though I am debating whether to use blender or mesh them using the engine.
Either way it will take maybe a month or two since I want it done right.

The engine does have a physics system in place it’s just a matter of the animations, path finding, and of course the models.

Though I would say this is all still in early alpha and the main focus of the game play is finding loot and forging spells.

This is a still a work in progress but I am working on adding a plug-in to DVE called “pixel entitles”.
Basically you can create creatures like pixel art and animate each pixel using keyframes.

It uses thin instances and a matrices array that is a view over a SharedArrayBuffer. All the animations are run in another thread and the updated buffer is sent to the shader.

It also does world light calculation for each pixel of the entity.

I am working on a better way to texture them next.

Also, I broke this out into it’s own application too so hopefully it will be easier to use and work with.



Cool so you did figure out the texture and shading! Its fun how quickly you turned this idea around after our PM’s <3. really quite impressed.


Yep and it works quite well though I need to do some optimizations cause the more you have it slows down a bit lol.

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I had an idea for that, when I get some free time and you have had a chance to refine it a little bit more lets talk. For a few nights in a row I have been mulling over how to make this kinda setup more efficient and it has to do with some interesting caching ideas and “smart” matrix updates, but its all kind of “fantasy” concepts till I really dive in and try to apply the idea.

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Well actually I realized I was updating the light value every frame which is costly since I check all neighbors of the voxel. After I did that I was able to get a lot more on screen and animated properly.


But any ideas are welcome as well to what I could do to speed this up.