Divine Voxel Engine - Voxel Engine Made With Babylon.js - Alpha 1.0 Out Now

Hello everyone,

I have been working on making a voxel engine that uses Babylon.Js and just today I released Alpha 1.0 of the project. The engine is on GitHub and has the MIT license so anyone can use it.

The whole point of the engine is to be bare bones so you can make any type of game with it. So, it is not a Minecraft clone but you could use it as starting point to make a Minecraft clone.

Here is the link to it :
Divine Voxel Engine

Here are some pictures:





And here is a couple videos showing what it can do:

I have a lot of cool things I will be adding in the future. Currently I do not need help but if anyone wants to suggest features or changes I open to it.

For the next release of the engine I am going to try to run the light updates in parallel and also create a water flow algorithm like Minecraft has. I will also be adding more shapes for the voxels. Such as pillars, fences, walls, and so on.

I am also working on making computable with running on a Node.Js server for multi player.

But yeah figured I would share it here. As the forum has been a lot of help with building the engine and fixing various bugs.


Currently working on Alpha 1.1 which should be out in another week or so.

But this is how fast the voxel engine can do 14k light updates now:

They are all running in parallel using 12 workers.


This is SO INSANELY COOL AMAZING AND AWESOME! :star_struck: I remember your questions on the forum, and it’s so exciting to see the first version of the finished product. And it looks GORGEOUS! Congratulations on this incredible work and can’t wait to see even more!

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Oh and @thomlucc @PirateJC I feel this would make a great tweet :smiley:


14k lights? Seriously? What do you think We are doing out here. You are just killing the competition; I hope you realize that :wink: This is insane :heart_eyes:

Thank you so much. Does mean a lot to me.
My plan is to keep working on it and refining so there defiantly will be more.
After I finish up the lighting update I will work on water flow and adding more shapes.

I have plans to make my own game with the engine but happy to at least openly share it with people.

Yeah it is kind of crazy lol . I didn’t honestly expect it to do it that fast but I am very happy with the result.
It is not very often that you deal with race conditions in JavaScript but the head ache was well worth it.
Anyone still says JavaScript is slow or not multi threaded just show them that video lol


Woot! This is insane! I love it


Oh wow the man himself.
Thank you so much for making Babylon.Js!
I am happy you like the project.
I will defiantly keep working on it!

I created Babylon.js for this very reason: for others to do incredible things with it! So thank you!


@lucas-divinestar Are you on twitter? We’d love to tweet about this and help draw some attention to the awesomeness you’re creating!


Hello, yes I am on twitter. My handle is : @DivineSoftware
Thank you so much for the support!
My name is Luke but Divine Star is just my brand. But whatever works.

This is incredible! Great work

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Just wanted to share this:

Having a world this big would usually straight up crash but since I reduced the size of the chunk meshes to only 32 meters high Babylon can actually optimize it.
The terrain in the video is actually crazier then a Minecraft amplified world so I am pretty happy with the results.
I almost done with the light update. Just really thinking hard about a more practical and faster sun light propagation algorithm.

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Impressive. Do you use WebGPU or still WebGL ?

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This is all WebGL 2.
I plan to support Web GPU as soon as I can.
I think the version of Electron that I am using currently does not support it.
The biggest thing that I would need supported is the Raw2DTextureArray.
Which just makes working with the textures a sublime experience.

It’s a bit later and after the fact, but I tweeted about this project a week or two ago myself: https://twitter.com/liquid_electron/status/1529058393763233792?s=21&t=xBxX3NMVZ0dytSTNVpjMGQ

Since that tweet, it’s gotten even MOAR awesome!

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Thanks man! Any support is welcomed.
I am giving this thing everything I got and more.

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I love it! this is so foggy

I love the atmosphere

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Well I played a lot of the old Silent Hill games back in the day so I like a bit of fog and atmosphere lol