Divine Voxel Engine - Voxel Engine Made With Babylon.js - Alpha 1.0 Out Now

Okay, now I am about ready to release the new update for lighting. I got sun light propagation working really fast. I just need to do some clean up work and then I will release it.
But here it is working:


I have to be honest, this is one of my favorite use of Babylonjs. Your voxel engine ROCKS!

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Thank you. That actually means a lot.
A lot of people think I am kind of crazy for not using Unity or Unreal but I believe in the future of JavaScript and BabylonJs.
What I hope to give to people is just a starting place for their own number of infinite worlds. And I hope to make the experience enjoyable and even fun through a very easy to use API.
So, it’s not just about making a voxel world but making it easy to actually make one.

Also put together this video this morning if you wanted to see more.

I will put together a demo site soon. I just need to host it on a server to set the correct headers to use Shared Array Buffers. That was the only thing preventing me from doing that easily.


Awesome work. Do you use “Data Oriented Design” for Voxel Engine ?

That could mean several things but I will say this.
Voxel’s all have an object tied to the them that describes them and how they interact with other voxels.
The raw voxel data are just numbers.
The voxel data itself drives the design of the engine. Everything is built around that.
Objects only real use is manipulation and reading the voxel data.
The API of the engine makes it easier to work with the raw data.

Also here is the engine working with both sun light and RGB light.

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I released Alpha 1.1 yesterday:

I fixed a lot of lighting bugs including the light gradient, AO calc, and add/remove update propagation.
Next I will be working on adding more shapes and a basic AABB physics engine.

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Yet another impressive update !!!

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I am working on developing a good AABB collision system for the voxel engine.
But just for fun today I got a 3d Perlin Noise library working with the engine.
And the test world I made looks pretty cool.


That looks AWESOME!

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