Divine Voxel Engine - Voxel Engine Made With Babylon.js - Alpha 1.0 Out Now

I will be starting a new thread soon but I officially started working on a game with DVE.
It is called Dream Space Infinite.
Here are the first few screeshots:

The water effect is done with a simple Fractal Brownian Motion noise sampling. Same deal with the other shader effects.
Hopefully in a about a month I will have a full playable demo.

I am still working on the engine. I improved Infinite World Generation a lot. Came up with a saving/loading system:

Also I changed how voxels are “templated”. It is a lot eaiser now:

  const getSimpleBox = (
    id: string,
    substance: VoxelTemplateSubstanceType,
    texture: string,
    state?: string
  ) => {
    let uv = 0;
    const voxelConstructor: VoxelConstructor = {
      id: id,
      hooks: {
        texturesRegistered: (DVEB) => {
          uv = DVEB.textureManager.getTextureUV(substance, texture, state);
      process(templater) {
        if (templater.isFaceExpposed("top")) {
        if (templater.isFaceExpposed("bottom")) {
        if (templater.isFaceExpposed("east")) {
        if (templater.isFaceExpposed("west")) {
        if (templater.isFaceExpposed("south")) {
        if (templater.isFaceExpposed("north")) {
    return voxelConstructor;


First big clap of the year !!!

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Umm I might have done something…
This is actually what the main dimension will look like.


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(ok it’s more like a teal but I still thought of this :rofl: )

I’m so excited to see the game :slight_smile:


So, I finally release DVE 1.3 and started work on 1.4:

I got the checklist ready for 1.4. There is actually not to much left to do. After that I will finally release DVE in beta.

Dream Space Infinite is coming along amazingly. I added particle effects, water falls in the world generation, and spells! Starting to look more like an actual game. I have finally came up with the core game mechanics but I want to keep that kinda secret for now and just let people figure it out on there own.




Also just did this for fun:


Teal update, I love it !!!

I am genuinely wondering what features are missing :slight_smile:

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Well a voxel engine I feel is something you can add on forever but what will be added to DVE in 1.4 is:

  1. Methods to store and mesh different size sets of voxels.
  2. Custom attributes for voxels.
  3. Rich data working with infinite world generation (meaning data such as chest in MC will be able to be saved and loaded in)
  4. Bug free water flow and removal (works but I broke a few things when I redid the thread pool tasks system).
  5. Improvements to the physics plugin to allow for things such as immersive audio and projectiles.
  6. Some quality of life changes for the render thread to make setting the fog/time of day easier.

The full list is here:

After beta I will be mostly focused on building a plugin ecosystem.
That way the engine can be still be used for many different things and functionality can be easily added.
I will also be slowly upgrading the rendering capabilities over time as well.

Honestly though in a couple months after I get beta out I will be mostly be improving in and patching things to better facilitate my own game development.

I don’t want to be stuck working on this thing forever so I am just gonna start running with what I got and patch what needs to be when the issues arise.


I love how you’re focusing on expandability so early with plugins :slight_smile:


I cannot wait to test your games @lucas-divinestar

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Quickly fixed it for you. It sure deserves that little additional effort :grin: :rofl: