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Hi team,

I think if below changes can be done in Babbylonjs site’s UX, it would make site navigation more accessible.

  1. Sometimes I want to go to docs or other area of babylonjs’s site, so to open docs I have to open URL “” and wait for it to load completely, after page load completes, it waits for models to be loaded ( which some times take few seconds), after that I am able to click on Menu to display, and again click to go to docs :
    Screenshot 2020-11-23 at 2.38.39 PM

  2. also, if on forums if we can have navigation on top to other areas for site (i.e a link to docs, examples, playground etc).

I think it would be more user friendly to navigate around Babylon’s ecosystem . anyway, that’s just my opinion,
thanks to all team for this amazing job <3

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Adding @PirateJC for the website

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Thanks for the suggestion @Dshah_H. We’ll take a look at this.

Also looping in @PatrickRyan for visibility as well.

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Just a side-note,
you could bookmark directly to avoid too much loading :sweat_smile:
There’s also a link from forum, (book icon at top of page)

Did the docs get a revision with 4.2? They seemed a bit easier on the eye.

I agree with improvements to the gateway.

Yup! The docs have been overhauled with 4.2! Hopefully much easier to navigate and find the information you’re looking for!

Yes, I appreciate it! Thank you, I recalled finding information I was looking for without resorting to my little workaround tricks haha :smile: plus it looks 100

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