Does anyone know much about smoke particle FX?

I’m wondering if its possible with Babylon.js to do a cigarette smoke particle effect? This is the kind of effect I mean YouTube

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Hiya ozR, good to see you again. You have probably done a BJS-wide search for “smoke”, right? There’s some smoke-sim particle playgrounds around.

But, ya gotta see @nasimiasl’s sword.

That thing is just… weird. And cool.

The smoke that YOU need… does it need to be “3D”? Or can it be material-on-layer and not-depthful? (possible animated material on bill-boarded plane)

When particles are dust-sized… it takes a LOT of them… to cloud-up in a smoke-like way, I suspect. Needs GPU particles and MAX horsepower, I suspect (for 3D).

Coding-up a custom particleSystem particleUpdate function… that applies “swarming” algorithms/formulas… that’s a whole new ballgame. :slight_smile:

Interesting effect. I don’t think it looks like cigarette smoke though. I’ll keep searching

The effect doesn’t need to be in 3D. Actually, I plan on putting it in a 2D environment

Woh!! Check this out Fluid Simulation with Volumetric Lighting


What socery is this! :joy:
Very cool volumetrics.

ok, so this particle effect appears to be fluid simulation, like this WebGL Fluid Simulation

I love these effects. We have them on our roadmap since forever :slight_smile:

Back to the Future · GitHub


In the same topic, I was wondering if we could integer the output of these kind of VFX editor in BabylonJS:

For instance embergen export flipbooks/sprite sheets and Babylonjs does have spritesheets (Sprites - Babylon.js Documentation) but not sure this is the same and if it will work?

That’s what my rendertarget pingpong buffer passing demos were for,. If you modify my game of life example to just the rules for convection you can achieve this. I don’t have the links off hand but Delta posted the GOL example on his twitter.