Complex VFX in Projectiles, how?

Hi guys im building a project where I would like to build projectiles like that:

Do you guys think it is possible to build this with Babylonjs?

Yup, it should be, adding @PatrickRyan our resident artist :slight_smile:


@quevedin, it is absolutely possible to author particle systems like the sample in Babylon.js. They are made up of several systems that support one another to complete the look. It would look something like this:

As you can see, there are at least 7 particle systems I can find in that effect, though I may have missed one or two in the impact. Some of them are using the same assets like the sputter from the source and the sputter hitting the wall. All of them seem to be using animated particle sprites, so you will need to build those textures. The smoke particles are using a standard blend mode which respects alpha, and the energy bits are using add blend mode to simulate a light source.

You will have one emitter at the source to emit the sputter, and the others would share the same abstract mesh emitter that you instantiate at the source and then move in the scene. Particles emitted would be in world space and so would leave a trail like you see in the example.

When the emitter collides with a mesh, you will instantiate a new abstract mesh at the impact point which is the emitter for the impact particle systems and activate those. Then once they are done, dispose the emitters created.

Some of the techniques you will need are covered by the docs:

Let me know if you have specific questions about the systems once you start working with them.


Thanks for your message Patrick! I’ll work on it and hopefully I will create a Playground so all the community can take advantage of it! :slight_smile: