Does the Assets Manager support WebP format?

The documentation only lists .png, .jpg, .gif as supported formats for a ImageAssetTask. Is webp as supported format planed?

Yes it does. Check this snippet out. Link

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Ah very cool thanks. Someone should add this to the documentation :slight_smile:

The most accurate answer would be - we support what your browser supports, when it comes to images. Same thing for videos. if your browser supports it, the video can be used.

see @RaananW , I made just one click from my off-topic comment of the day and bounced on this post (incidentally;) : What can I say… and the story goes on;)

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I was about to link to your topic, and then said - ah man, this is actually rather depressing…

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Yup. Agree. It is :grin: Let me rather think about my WE BBQ, it’s more cheering for a thought;)

Idk what you guys mean. My question got answerd so…

Oh, sry. Don’t mind this. We were just discussing constant browser compatibility issues. Nothing related to your topic. Nothing even related (only) to BJS. Sry for disturbance and I’m glad to hear that your topic has been solved. Have an amazing WE :smiley:

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