Does the root node of the model not support Lod?

How to use lod to achieve different camera distances to display models with different accuracy?

I would recommend reading Levels of Detail (LOD) | Babylon.js Documentation

As you can see, LOD are for meshes, not for full hierarchies. It helps basically selecting a geometry/material to use to render a mesh based on some factors.

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OK. I also want to ask, I saw a demo supported by MSFT_lod in the docs, but this demo does not support the model to render different levels of models according to the distance from the camera. Does BJS support the switching of different levels in mesh_lod gltf?

good question for @bghgary ?

In the MSFT_lod demo, how can the LOD1 and LOD2 Mesh in the file be displayed

you can see them by zooming in and out.

cc @bghgary

Not working

Looking into the code the LOD are only network loadtime LOD and not mesh LODs

They are useful to decrease the Time to first frame of loading a GLTF asset but do not cover the screen coverage aspect of the LOD.

I think the behavior was disabled and @bghgary will be able to confirm once he ll be back from vacation

Yes, we reverted the code for rendering LODs because it only covered a narrow case of the MSFT_lod extension and had issues.

Where is this in the docs?