Does VirtualJoysticksCamera (& TouchCamera/UniversalCamera) still require hand.js?

Does VirtualJoysticksCamera (and the other touch designed cameras like Touch Camera and Universal Camera) still require hand.js? The reason that I ask is that the Babylon.js current documentation seems to indicate that is does, but when I test out the VirtualJoytsticksCamera in a non-Babylon.js playground (microStudio which can use Babylon.js as a dependence) on my mobile device (iPad, up to date Safari mobile browser), the right joystick functions appropriately (rotates) but the left joystick doesn’t (on screen recognizes my joystick movement but doesn’t move the camera). I don’t think hand.js is installed on microStudio so I’m trying to figure out if the problem with the left joystick not moving has to do with the microStudio environment I am working in or that hand.js is not loaded. It would seem odd that hand.js would only be needed for the left joystick though.

Appreciate any suggestions. Sorry did not include any code as didn’t think it would be translatable well to forum as API is different than standard Babylon.js.


Sorry, everyone-- I found out the answer: it does not still seemingly require hand.js (at least for modern browsers). I was able to “getLeftJoystick()” from the input controlled and determine the left joystick was indeed properly sensing input. Not sure why it is not translating the camera with the input but suspect something to do with microStudio project that it is running in as the rightJoystick seems like it uses similar code to transform the camera in the Babylon.js source code, and the both joysticks work in the Babylon.js playground on my device.

Docs have been updated. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

You’re welcome, and thank you! :blush:

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