DOM Buttons like Keyboard inputs

Hi there

$ (function() {
    $("#camBtnTop").mousedown( function()
       {scene.activeCamera.beta -= 0.2;}

I’m turning the camera by DOM buttons. There would be a way to make it more smooth:

But before i start doing that: Question: Is it possible to define a mousedown as a keydown action. something like:


I’m loving the way the arc rotate camera is turning on keysup, would it be possible to trigger this by a DOM button?



just update camera.inertialAlphaOffset or camera.inertialBetaOffset

See how the arc rotate camera works: Babylon.js/arcRotateCameraKeyboardMoveInput.ts at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

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Great thank you! works fine:

  $(function() {
    $("#camBtnTop").mousedown( function()
       {scene.activeCamera.inertialBetaOffset -= 0.02;}

I will try to implement a “onmousedown” that works like “onkeysdown” to keep the movement going while you press the button - if it works, i’ll post it here

here’s how it keeps on moving while you press the DOM button as if you would press a keyboard key:

    var intervalBtnTop;
    $("#camBtnTop").mousedown(function() {
      intervalBtnTop = setInterval(actionBtnTop, 150);
    }).mouseup(function() {clearInterval(intervalBtnTop);
    }).mouseout(function() {clearInterval(intervalBtnTop);
    function actionBtnTop() {
    scene.activeCamera.inertialAlphaOffset += 0.01;
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Button like this for the freecamera/universalcamera:

var intervalmoveBtnBott;
$(“#moveBtnBott”).mousedown(function() {
var axis = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 1)
intervalmoveBtnBott = setInterval(actionmoveBtn, 250);
}).mouseup(function() {clearInterval(intervalmoveBtnBott);
}).mouseout(function() {clearInterval(intervalmoveBtnBott);
function actionmoveBtn(axis) {
var move_direction = BABYLON.Vector3.TransformNormal(axis, scene.activeCamera.getWorldMatrix());
scene.activeCamera.cameraDirection = move_direction;

The only thing is: I just realized it’s kind of stupid to do it with DOM buttons. If you click a DOM button, you loose control over the canvas. so you have to click again the canvas if you want to move with the keyboards…

I would have been better of doing all in BABYLON GUI… /: