Double __root__ when saving out glb from sandbox


We use the sandbox to tweak materials on a glb, but then when we click the export glb, it produces a glb that contains double root nodes.


Pinging @bghgary

This one is tricky. The loader adds a __root__ node for every glTF model that is imported since glTF can have more than one root and is right-handed. When exported, the __root__ node gets exported as well. We can perhaps fix this by removing this node when serializing the glTF if we detect that it is unnecessary. Can you file an issue on this on GitHub and we can look into it? It might be after 4.0 is released if that’s okay.

I didn’t find the issue on git. Can I add it?
I’m haveing the same problem with gltf files if I’m using GLBAsync function on gltf files. I think is the same function used in sandbox.

Yes, please.