Drag and drop sample

when playing around everything was fine
but later on i refreshed and suddenly i was not longer able to rotate around with the canvas in the sample even more strage i was able to right click and got the regular option i even managed so save the canvas screen as a image without the need of scripting somehow
is this a bug?

i was not able to do anything untill i started moving around the objects then everything whent to normal

Are you talking about this example https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#UZ23UH#0 ?. If so have you modified it in any way. If not this one then please give us the PG you are having problems with.

yes i’m talking about that sample and i modifyd it but discrecarded the sample and closed the window
after that it stopped working

the strage thing is even downloading the orginal sample it still happens

you should be able to rotate around with the camera but that does not happen untill you start interacting with the objects

This is because the camera is only attached to the canvas after ‘onPointerUp’ line 95. You can attach the camera at the start after line 5 with

camera.attachControl(canvas, true);

and then you will need to delete line 60 ‘var canvas = engine.getRenderingCanvas();’ which is not needed anyway.

yeah i have noticed it just before i opend it
i could have sworn it was there a little while ago
but thx it actuely solved it