Multiline text with BABYLON.DynamicTexture?

Hello Babylon family,

I’m working on this app that has a lot of text that should be as legible as possible.

Right now, the texts are all .PNGs pre-baked in PhotoShop, used as textures on planes.

Would BABYLON.DynamicTexture give me better results? And can we do multiline text with BABYLON.DynamicTexture?

Thanks in advance!

Hello! Already like your app a lot, the particle effects look fantastic! I recommend using the Babylon GUI in this case: The Babylon GUI | Babylon.js Documentation (

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Hey @carolhmj thanks for the compliment, and thanks for the Babylon GUI tip!

Looks like it has all the properties I need, and text looks nice and crisp when it’s close to the camera. Awesome.

I’ll have to rewrite a big portion of the app, but is definitely looks like the way to go. Thanks :slight_smile: