Drawing issue with MultiLine

I am making a circular progress bar with MultiLine. In this example, you can adjust the slider at left top corner to see it

But it has some issue like this, looked like cutted off. How to prevent this?

Added time tick progressing at begin

Let me add @RaananW on this one as I did not even know we supported this :slight_smile: so I am now keen on knowing the answer as well.

This is the msot clever hack I have seen in a LONG time! amazing.
However, this is, indeed, something we don’t support :slight_smile: Or better yet - this is not entirely the use case for multiline.
I am pretty sure this is because of rounding. Making it bigger and adding more steps (ca. 500) makes it less apparent, but at this size, with the values you provide, it will be hard to make it work this way

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It’s true. Making radius bigger and adding more steps are all needed but it seemingly needs to be a very big size and and very large amont of steps (more than 10000). But eventually can’t make it don’t apparent. Maybe I need to set a ring (ellipse control) on that to hide it. I wonder if there are any ways to make GUI controls’ overlapping part disappear and keep the rest parts.

You might be better off doing this directly on the canvas used in the dynamic texture. An example of this UI in Canvas would look something like this Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground