Dropped frame I don't know why

this is the demo.

when I enter such as the “static workshop” column on this demo, I founded that there is a certain frequency of frame dropped, about once every 5~6 seconds.

when I zoom in to show the Performance record content details,the javascript call stack has a lot of white space, During this time, javascript is not working also include “requestAnimationFrame”.

I closed the broswer dev tool, the problem still exsits.
some good person told me probably because of Using the Babylon.GUI, I’m not sure.
Does anyone have any advice?

thank you.

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It seems it is the compilation of the shaders which takes time.

You should try to load everything you need at start and wait for the scene to be ready (scene.executeWhenReady) before starting the experience. Try also to use WebGL instead of WebGPU, as shader compilation is slower in WebGPU and not asynchronous yet.

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awesome demo!! :slight_smile:

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I resolve the ploblem via restart computer. I think it could be some other timing task in the OS that is blocking the broswer or GPU runing.

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