Dynamic GLB Loading (Best Use Practices)

Hello all,

Quick question regarding Babylon’s loaders; I’ve developed a mapping application that loads high resolution 3D tiles based on camera position and frustum culling. I’m very happy with the result, however, there’s a slight stutter when the mesh is actually loaded into the scene – I’m sure it’s not helped by the fact I’m also doing some behind the scenes stuff like mesh merging and updating LOD systems. I was kind of hoping to implement some multi-threading with Web Workers, but from what I’ve read that’s not possible.

I’m currently loading glb files with draco compression, and wondering if anyone has any suggestions for reducing the very brief fps stutter.

Thanks for your time!

Unfortunately this is correct :frowning:
The only suggestion I can offer is to try to delay your code: try to do one mesh per frame or one operation per frame instead of the full process so you will somehow smooth out the overall perceived experience

This is good to know. Wanted to make sure there wasn’t a solution staring me in the face before I attempted something. I think I’ll asynchronously iterate through an array so it’s not loading multiple at once, then implement your “one operation per frame” advice.

Thanks for your help!

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