Dynamic Materials not using skybox


Is there a particular way I need to set up a dynamic material to have it correctly utilize the skybox to calculate lighting? Currently creating a basic dynamic material with no additional parameters set seems to ignore the fact a skybox is set. Everything else lights fine, just not the mesh with the dynamic material.


Hi E… welcome to the BJS forum.

I’m a little confused (normal for me). Do you think that a skybox can light-up a mesh inside it? If it can, that’s really cool. I have never experienced that.

Anyway, I found a playground that uses a dynamic texture on a plane, and a skybox.


First, I disabled ALL emissiveTexture and emissiveColors… so I wouldn’t be “fooled” by materials that were self-illuminating.

Then I installed some code in lines 129, 149, 150… that automatically changes the light.intensity up/down. The lighting on dynamicTextures, which are inside a skybox, seems to be working, here.

But, yeah, IF the ambientColor (actually, ambientLight)… emitted from a skybox… SHOULD be able-to light-up mesh and dynamic textures, then I am lost and useless on this issue (normal for me). :slight_smile:

Hey, at least I have found a playground to do tests-upon, right? I did SOMETHING right. heh

Skyboxes are boxes mapped with a cubic texture used to render environment.
But this has nothing to do with a dynamic texture.

Perhaps you want the material used with the dynamic texture to also use the same cubic textures for image based lighting? Then you may want to have a look to our PBR shader:


I assume that you understand all the attributes available to a material and texture. In working with Dynamic Textures daily, I would first look at setting up material attributes for your Dynamic Texture and experimenting from there. If you’ve already done this, then a simple PG repro will get you the answer fast.



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