Skybox with dynamicTexture


I’m trying to create a Skybox with dynamicTexture.
But my texture does not apply as I wish when I use a reflectionTexture.

I created a Playground with 2 material, “material1” with a diffuseTexture and “material2” with a reflectionTexture.
I thought I had the same drawing with both.
What is the way to do this?

Thanks in advance.


Well a reflectionTexture does not behave like a regular texture as the texture coordinates are computed based on viewer position (to get a reflection :))

The way the reflection is built depend on the texture.coordinatesMode property:

dynamicTexture.coordinatesMode = BABYLON.Texture.PLANAR_MODE;

More info: Obtain Reflections and Refractions - Babylon.js Documentation

OK, so I think I have to use a CubeTexture with SKYBOX_MODE.
Is there a way to create a CubeTexture with one or more DynamicTexture instead of the path to 6 jpg files?

We recently added support for equirectangularCubetexture :wink: