Dynamic textures not compatible with FaceUV?

I’m creating a dynamic texture and using canvas 2d context methods to draw shapes on the texture. When drawing the shapes directly to the canvas element, they appear completely different from how they appear as a texture (they appear as only parallel lines when applied to the face of a polygon with FaceUV). For the face uv mapping, I am using [ 0, 0, 1, 1 ] which should put the entire image on the face.

For a demonstration of the problem, see this repo: GitHub - bleakley/globographer

To view it as 2d or 3d, change the _2d variable here: globographer/app.js at master · bleakley/globographer · GitHub

I believe this is a bug. If I draw the image to a canvas, save it as a data URI, and load it as a static texture it works properly. As a dynamic texture it does not work at all.

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It will be easier to look for the problem if you provide a repro on the Playground (https://playground.babylonjs.com/).

Same here. My dynamic textures is not compatible with FaceUV. It could be some kind of bug for not being able to allow users to set the boolean value of InvertY within BABYLON.DynamicTexture.