Virtual Shopping Experience nearly finished

My fully dynamic shopping experience script is just about ready to go :slight_smile:
Every aspect of the environment is customisable by the vendor, including all decorations.
I have demo site set up at which allows users to create their own shops.
I just need to do some tweaking and some resilience testing.


I will be happy to read more about it! But the website is offline for some reason?

Oh wait…this is the same project that I saw you were working on a couple months back. This has really come a long way. Awesome job! :+1: :+1: :+1:


This site can’t be reached refused to connect.


  • Checking the connection


It’s still offline :unamused:


Sorry, I’m currently blocking China and Russian IP Addresses from accessing the server due to high levels of attacks from those countries.

I’m from the EU. :sunglasses: