e.getClassName is not a function

I am getting the following error:glTF%20error

The glTF file is exported from Blender 2.80.

I am using the following scripts

<script src="babylon.glTF2FileLoader.js"></script>
<script src ="babylonjs.loaders.js"></script> 

All are the current versions from Github. I also get the same error message using babylon.glTFFileLoader.js. I have also used babylon.custom.js.

I have tried exporting as glb too.

Thanks in advance


Did you make Babylon.custom.js? If not, use the full library.

I tried both - the custom.js file from the downloads page at Babylon.com and the babylon.js full library - both giving the same error message.

I have been away from Blender/Babylon for sometime and having spent time in the forum in the last few days trying to ‘catch-up’. I am very pleased to discover that you have spent months updating a new version of the babylon exporter for Blender 2.80 and I shall be using that in preference to glTF going forward.

Could I ask you to advise what material/texture rendering I should update my old Blender Internal files to, Cycles or Eeve and in either case will the exporter handle the node system or bake materials and textures to objects?

Thanks for all you are all doing for Babylon

If you wish to see a real error, use the babylon.max.js. It is very big. It is not for production. It is for getting meaningful errors.

It does not make any difference which render engine you use for Export purposes, anyway. Baking during export should hopefully not occur very often. When it does the exporter will switch to Cycles automatically, bake, & switch back.

I do not recommend using old .blend files directly. Create a new scene in 2.80, and use file->append to bring in meshes & armatures from Objects section. This will automatically get any materials for the meshes.

The materials will not be in nodes. Any textures will get sucked across, but you cannot assign them until you switch the material to nodes. Recommend using the initial Principled node that you get.

Thanks for the advice. I shall start the conversion as you suggest and raise any questions along the way.

Again, many thanks