Edges renderer visibility with freezeActiveMeshes


In our project we hide meshes by setting visibility to 0. These meshes have edges enabled which inherit the opacity of the mesh. When using freezeActiveMeshes the opacity of the edges doesn’t change however. Anyone know of a way to make the edges play nicely with visibility change when meshes are frozen?

Using disableEdgesRendering() / enableEdgesRendering() to hide edges doesn’t work either when frozen.

In this playground I would like the edges to be hidden when the ground’s visibility is set to 0

Perhaps there is a way to access the edges line meshes and set alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh() or using _unFreeze()?


@sebavan got any ideas here?

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The overall idea of the freeze is to lock everything down. So if you need to change something you first need to unfreeze, do your change and freeze again :slight_smile:
to unfreeze: scene.unfreezeActiveMeshes()

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