Editor can't export glb animations?

Model :

1)I append this model in the local 3.1.3 editor in a previously created scene :

It automatically plays its move animation in the scene view.

2) I export the scene via Scene->Export Final Scene And Assets

3) I load the file via

assetsManager.addMeshTask(“task”, “”, “…/assets/models/”, “test108.babylon”);

And the results is this :

The frog doesn’t have an animation when i use

var frog = scene.getMeshByName(“root”);

to check whats going on. Even when I


I can’t find any animations group.

4) I reload the exported scene file that was produced in the 2nd step looking like this in the editor :

It seems like the animations got lost.

Finally I loaded the glb model directly with code to check if there is anything else wrong

assetsManager.addMeshTask(“task2”, “”, “…/assets/models/”, “Frog.glb”);

and it works great and it plays its jumping animation automatically too while in the scene, with also the animation group showing when I


[EDIT] Additional information to simplify the problem. Apart from the provided glb file of the frog model that works I just exported the babylon scene file that features only the frog model via the Scene->Export Final Scene And Assets of the editor and loaded it in online sandbox.

The animations don’t play even though they seem present in this case.