Editor Online x Desktop

Dear Babylon.js friends, congratulations for the great project!
I’m studying the desktop app (v4.0 beta7) and the online Editor workflows.
At the current version, does the desktop app have the Animation and Graph editors? On the tools menu I see only Photoshop.

Thank you!
Alexandre Rangel

adding @julien-moreau

Hey @AlexandreRangel

Unfortunately the version 4 doesn’t have any animation editor at the moment, but it is in the todo list :slight_smile: would love to integrate the same kind of animation editor you can find in the inspector. @Deltakosh do you know if the animations editor of the inspector is can be easily integrated elsewhere than the inspector?

For the graph editor, you can add graphs in the assets panel -> visual scripts. This is still a beta feature and it now generates code. This is the main difference compared to V3. Unfortunately no documentation exists at the moment but you can find some posts on the forum about that graph editor or « visual scripts editor ».

Using the V4, don’t hesitate to ask on the forum if you encounter any problem or want to provide some feedbacks/improvements. Would be a pleasure as well to get feature requests :slight_smile:

Thank you, @julien-moreau !
Great to know that the Graph Editor is available! Loving to get to know Babylon better.
Will keep in touch.