Educational Robotics Simulation / Free Haunted House Challenge

I’d like to invite you all to come check out our CodeSpace Virtual Robotics environment, a Babylon.js based web app used by thousands of students daily. We at Firia Labs are very grateful to the babylon.js team and community for your incredible work which has helped enable our success with this product. Thanks to you many students are getting their first taste of the joys of writing code in a really awesome 3D environment.

Since we first launched the Virtual Robotics environment during the pandemic we’ve offered a completely free Python tutorial on our platform. This month we added another “forever free” mission pack - the Haunted House. With that we are running a competition through the month of October - with prizes awarded for the highest score in each grade band, plus indy/pro category. Go ahead - sign up for the contest and compete to win a free physical version of the virtual CodeBot! Whether you’re already a Pythonista, or just want to learn a little Python and add it to your Javascript skills, it’s a lot of fun!

The intro page here also has a number of videos showcasing the environment in action!
Haunted Code Chronicles Competition

See the link above for details on how to select the Haunted House mission pack. Or just dive right in and play around at

Oh, and please share this with any teachers you know - especially CS teachers. Anyone teaching Python to new learners should definitely give this a try!


This is amazing !!! cc @PirateJC

INCREDIBLE! I love Python and I love seeing Babylon used for education :smiley: cc @thomlucc too

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Thanks for sharing @dewing! It is a great way to get exited from students about coding (and your intro video is awesome)