Using Babylon.js to teach 3D to K-12 students

Over at, we’ve been thinking about how we can introduce 3D to K-12 students. Here’s a prototype that combines Babylon.js with Google’s Blockly (a block-based programming library). It’s designed such that students only need knowledge of x, y, and z planes, and gently introduces more complex topics as students use more blocks.

Feedback and ideas welcome!


I love this

@simonguest This is great !!! I will finally be able to show my youngest what I am doing !!!

cc @PirateJC

That’s very cool! I teach high school students at a local college in a “learn to code” program. I’ve been thinking about a syllabus for 3D… You’ve found a nice way to introduce concepts. One of the students left a blockly program running when they left the class last night - playing sounds in a loop!! :smile:

wow this is AMAZING! it’s a great skill to learn on these days :slight_smile:


This looks INCREDIBLE!!! Seriously SOOO excited about this!

I’d love to talk about opportunities to collaborate with you on this project! Look for PM

it‘s really cool :grinning: :+1: :+1: