Efficient save of results from Scene Explorer

Hello there,

if I save a modified scene from “scene explorer utility”, to a file: GLB or BABYLON. Does this mean that I will really save all the changes and entities to the file? Such as: particles, fog, object positions-scale of objects… and so on … Everything will be exactly saved in the file? If I see well now, its not exporting particle system, even no hdr environment. How is it in fact?

Isn’t there a way to save changes only to xml, for example? My point is to keep the existing program code, just load the changes made only, thank you very much.

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Hey @Johny_Mickey,

Just to be sure, are you using the BabylonJS Inspector to export you scene ? Or are you using the BabylonJS Editor ? This is important to clarify as they are not sharing the same way to export :slight_smile:

I am using Babylon Inspector. I need to record all my changes in Inspector for easy change of source code. If I change in Inspector for example 100 parameters, particles included, environment and so on - what is the best way for recording or something similar…? Thx.


I think the feature you’re looking for in the inspector is called the “Generate Replay Code.”

If you look for this icon in the properties window:

And then scroll down until you see this button:

Pressing it downloads a text file with the code for the changes you’ve made in the inspector.

It’s not exactly 1:1 though. You’ll have to understand what each line is and as you copy and paste into your code, change/adjust variable names.

Hope this makes sense.

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The described function has one problem. When I set a value of property, such as visibility of mesh from 1 to 0.5 (testing process…I am searching good value). When I set it back to default values - 1. Then I am receive it traced like change inside traced document. If I try some settings and then return them to the original-default value, a “change” will be recorded, but it did not occur in fact. The result is - a huge document full of unreal changes. Cluttered and unusable for practical use.