Enable Gestures in AR

How to add gestures like zoom in/out and single finger rotation on the model in immersive - ar view ?

The AR camera cannot be rotated or zoomed in - it is based on the real world. You can implement model manipulations yourself, or, in that case, not use AR at all, and use a touch camera with the camera as a background.

That means I cannot Zoom in /out model in AR Mode?
That can be done only in Web mode?

Zooming in means getting closer to the object. panning means rotating around the object. This is possible in AR if you get closer or rotate around a certain point in real life. If you want the touch gestures to make the model bigger or rotate it, this is not supported and is a custom implementation.

AR needs to be as close as possible to the real life. What would you expect a zoom in will do if you have more than one object? Will all objects get bigger? what if they are attached to an anchor? If you zoom in it will not be in place.

ok! Got the point.
Thank you