Enable proper context menu clicks on youtube embeds please?

Good afternoon everyone

So currently all the youtube embeds are thumbnails (<img> tags) that do not have a context menu option to say “open link in incognito” , This is obviously because they are not links ( <a> tags)

can you perhaps change this on the forum? I know with other websites that use a youtube embedded player they do not use this thumb and it is possible for me to right click the “open in youtube” button of the player and choose incognito etc ( i have my reasons )

cc @carolhmj :slight_smile:

I looked at the embed settings on the forum and I’m not sure if this is something we can change, but I tried adding youtube to the allowed iframes to see if it changes the embedding type…

Let’s Talk About MatCaps - YouTube

Testing here

so your post above is just a url , which is a link and i can get a context menu from that but has no embedded player obviously. ( see image ) I tried myself to just paste a youtube url and it just did the whole img tag thing again. weird

if I click share on a video on youtube and select the embed option , the default generated code provides this functionality , see here :

Can you try to paste the iframe code directly here, without using codepen?

i just did , it does nothing , this post has it , its blank

Huh, it’s not showing up to me, is it for you?