Environment.dds as images for small modification

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We have been using the “environment.dds” file available from the library. It looks awesome but I wonder if it would be possible to request the 6 images in highest possible resolution in order to make some small modifications ourself. The “environment.dds” is not available as .hdr but if we could have access to the 6 images in high resolution that would be perfect.

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pinging @PatrickRyan who may be able to guide you through an environment map building process

Thanks for the quick reply.
The question is more if the source images used for “environment.dds” is available somehow ?

Unfortunately no but you should be able to extract them using Photoshop (or even visual studio :))

@Maicol, I don’t have the source of the original image and am unsure where it came from so it may be a difficult thing to track down. I did manage to find a similar environment, but the lighting is definitely different due to the low angle of the sun:

The Walk of Fame toward the bottom of the page.

The problem with trying to extract the images from the DDS is that you will only have 128 px images per face so the edits won’t be easy. And there is the challenge of extracting all of the lighting information from the DDS intact for edits. It may be worth you starting with an HDRI environment that you find that is high-res and creating an .env file from there. That way you have full control over the full resolution and exposure levels in the file before reducing to an .env.

I will keep an eye out and see if I run across the original hdr, but I don’t have high hopes at the moment. Wish I could have helped more.

Thank you so much for the reply, I am working with “The Walk of Fame” as you mentioned.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

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The environment.dds is generated from an HDR called Footprint Court in Hollywood. There is a copy of the source file here: BabylonJS-glTFLoader/footprint_court.hdr at master · sbtron/BabylonJS-glTFLoader · GitHub (from Hollywood Panoramas)