Creating a dds environment file on Mac?

Hi there.
Just wondering if anyone knows how to create a DDS on Mac?
I see the help files here: Use a HDR environment (for PBR) - Babylon.js Documentation, which describe two methods for Windows. I suppose I could run a Win emulator, but hoping to avoid that.

I’m hoping to convert my 6 skybox PNGs into a DDS file, so that i can get my scene objects reflecting the correct environment.


Hi @bigrig
I’ve used cmft in the past ( GitHub - dariomanesku/cmft: Cross-platform open-source command-line cubemap filtering tool. ) on windows and there is a mac build.

Let me know if it works for you

Thanks. Will give it a go and will let you know how it works.

Coming Soon in the new version of the Babylon Toolkit… All Skybox generation automatic… including support for prebaked .dds and .env (so you can get nice high res 512 environment textures in a babylon compressed file)

Note: I also use CFMT underneth to generate the .dds files… I use my native C# unity code split and pre baked 6 sided skyboxes for babylon scene as well

FYI… You should not use your Six Sided LDR images to generate your HDR .dds files . … You get sooooo much better quality using a BIG HDR Skybox images (from like HDR Skyboxes or something)… Pump somthing like a 8K image… into the converter which can make nice high res (but still jpeg if you prefer) at 2048 six sided images WITHOUT having to scale your sky… If there is scaling… it shows in the sky.

Pump the same high res hdr in the converter… this time making your environment (reflections) and choose the desired reflection size you want 128, 256, 512. and let the tools scale down that nice big hdr into your final .dds for reflections… The final output in babylon will be WAY BETTER

This is my workflow for automatically generating skyboxes and reflections using the Babylon Toolkit :slight_smile:

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