Can't find the environment(Specular).hdr

Hey there, I’ve been looking for the hdr of the standard environment.env, but can’t seem to find it. I stumbled upon this in the available textures section in the documentation: there seems to be a country.hdr and an environment.hdr, that should be available. However they both are the same file, namely both times country.hdr: The Texture Library | Babylon.js Documentation
Maybe some kind soul could fix this or give me the environment.hdr if they have it?

Looking at Github history, I’ve created the environment.env from the, and this dds was commit by @Deltakosh at first :slight_smile:

As for the first version of environment.hdr, it was already the same than the actual country.hdr…

Conclusion: only the one who created knows where is the original .hdr (and yes I think it could be great to overwrite the current environment.hdr with the same panorama than environment.env & .dds)

(I’ve tried few keywords on search engine like “japanese temple hdr”, but nothing pops)

The name of the place is Grauman’s chinese theater, or the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

There appears to be a link to hdrlabs for the hdr in the above scene.

Edit: here is the scene AS a link: It is somehow inlined when just pasted.

Interesting! Sadly I don’t see the hdr on that site either :sweat_smile:

Yeah, there is another page with that image on hdrlabs, but you need to use Flash, which is EOL. The versions shown there are much more detailed that what we have. You might contact David Rousset, aka Davrous. He does not have an ID on this “new” forum, but maybe you can message him from Github,

The reason I think he might have a copy is he posted something, a tweet I think, where he was playing with a Quest2, maybe. He had this as a sky box. It had a high degree of detail, that much I know for sure. It could just be me, but I have never gotten anything, but a blurry skybox with this.

Actually If I could edit the .dds version it would be enough. However I can’t open it in Photoshop even with different plugins and I can’t convert it either. It says the file might be corrupted. But I’ll write a message to davrous anyway, let’s see what happens :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I found it! It is actually on It’s the one called Footprint Court. Maybe you can update the Texture Library with it. :smiley:

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Well, you can yourself can use the .hdr to .env converter (should probably want to know how to do this yourself anyway).

Once you have the .env working in your scene, seems like an easy PR you could then do (probably something else which would be good to know).

You have already done the hard part.

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Oh neat tool. I was previously creating my .envs over the sandbox, but this is more straight forward.
Yeah I’ll take a look into creating a PR when I have time.

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