Environment Texture / Skybox rotation

I am trying to align the rotation & the height of environment textures and a skybox. I can find the source for the texture. It has a rotationY property. This does work in that a mesh with a mirror like surface contains a different reflection when set.

The skybox is now out of sync with the reflection of the PBR materials. Is there a way to rotate the box too? The source for this is practically impossible to find.

Also, is there a way to vertically shift the box, so that y origin of the scene is at the same level as it makes sense for the texture, or is that something the camera operator should have thought of?

Pinging @sebavan

You can set the reflectionMatrix on the texture to rotate as you wish in the pbr reflection.

Unfortunately, you can not offset except by using local reflection which is more expensive. But actually i never tried to apply a translation in the rflectionMatrix :slight_smile: