Skybox cannot be rotated when enableGroundProjection is set to true

Hi! I tried out the Ground Projection with a skybox. I am not able to rotate the skybox mesh anymore when the sky material’s enableGroundProjection = true. (it is mainly the ability to set the y-rotation of the skybox that is important to me)

You can reproduce it in this playground with the babylon js inspector -

Is this intended, and is there a way to achieve the skybox rotation?

Thank you!

cc @sebavan

I will fix it today as it should be working :slight_smile:

It seems to be all working here

The rotation Y transform is working for me, is it not for you ?

Ah, the rotation Y transform of the material works for me as well!

But not the rotation of the sky object -

When ground projection is turned off, the rotation of the sky object works, but not with ground projection turned on.

It is expected as one is a reflection so independent of the object rotation. rotating a mirror on a wall does not change what you see into it :slight_smile: