Error: Cannot load cubemap because 6 files were not defined

I have made an update. Unfortunately that did not help. :frowning:

Ok, I need a repro in order to help. Is this something you can set up?

I am trying to reproduce it.
Where can I find it:

the default Playground app for BabylonReactNative on Android

i tried in playgroung, there works.

If you can put your code on GitHub so I can clone it and repro, that would be the best.

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Hi @bghgary
I did it. My Code is here:

I start develop with:

npx react-native start


npx react-native run-android
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Sorry for the delay. I finally got this running. Uncommenting the line for the environment works fine for me on Android. I also removed the ground since that probably isn’t what you want.

scene.createDefaultEnvironment({ createSkybox: false, createGround: false });

What exactly is not working? Can you send some screenshots?

Hi @bghgary
no problem. Thank you for helping me.
Yes, it works perfectly without that:

This line does not work for me (Model is not shown.):

scene.createDefaultEnvironment({ createSkybox: false, createGround: false });

But my goal is to activate the “PBR materials using probes for realtime reflections”.
For example, as you can see in the screen sheet of playground, there are “reflections” in the door glass and roof.
And I want to get that in the app. In the app everything is black.

This is working for me on my OnePlus 8.

What phone are you using?

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Samsung Galaxy A6+ , Android 10

@bghgary might be related to A6+ using image

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@igorroman777 Do you have any other phones you can test this with? It would be good to get a sampling.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and it’s working for this phone as well.

Which android version is it?

Latest version from Samsung. I just reset it so I don’t know the exact number.

Android 10?

Probably Android 11.

You can see this in system info settings

Yes, I know. I reset the phone and don’t want to go through the steps of setting it up again just to see the version. Some of my devices come from a lab and I need to return them in a reset state. My OnePlus 8 (which is my personal device) is on Android 11.

Hi @bghgary
all clear, I have built release and published on google play:

After that I have app on other smarphone but also Samsung Galaxy A6+, Android 10
And it runs.
I.e. there was problem only on one phone with developer deploy.
But same system.