Error on importing multiple .glb files

Hi everybody! I am a newbie in Babylon; please excuse me for minor mistakes.
I am trying to import multiple objects in .glb format defining their position,rotation and scale. On the inspector, it seems like I am able to do that. I can see the meshes on scene explorer but in the scene I am not able to see although I set the camera position close to the mesh position. In addition, I realized another problem. While the root module has the correct rotation values; submeshes don’t. They are assigned also quaternion rotation value. You can find my piece of code attached. I would appreciate if you could tell me where I am doing wrong.
Thank you! (491.5 KB)

Hello! to quickly get help the best is to create a tiny repro on the playground
Here is a doc on how to reference your files from the PG:

Pinging @bghgary for the question


I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to do.

There are a bunch of values you are setting in the example you gave and they result in really tiny objects in the scene due to a scale of 0.01. You also are setting the position, scaling, and rotation on all the meshes including the root mesh, which is quite strange. The __root__ mesh is the parent of the mesh objects. This, in combination with the scale of 0.01, effectively means your objects are 0.01 * 0.01 scale which is super tiny.

Rotation in Babylon is either Euler angles or Quaternions. If you set the rotation property, that is for the Euler angles. Setting the rotationQuaternion property is for Quaternions.