Error with Blender Export!

I want to export a scene with Blender Exporter (3.3.1). I’ve got this warning in log file :

processing begun of material: Material_0
processing texture
WARNING: Exception during copy:
Erreur: Impossible d’écrire l’image : Permission denied
Erreur: Impossible d’enregistrer l’image « Image_0 » vers « C:\Users\denis\Documents. »

I can see the scene in Babylon JS without textures …
Can you help me ?


Adding @JCPalmer in the thread as he is the brillant mind behind the Blender exporter.

There are a number of reasons why I try block this operation (I do log exceptions, as you have seen) and continue on for a complete export.

The copy is an OS operation, and they are probably not going to allow copying over a file that is open. In the case of trying to write-over the same file as Blender opened to get the texture, it is a benign problem.

The last line showing of the export code has if 'are the same file' not in msg:. I wrote this section of code years ago, when I was still using Ubuntu.

Does the scene show a red & white checker board where the texture should be, or something in the browser console saying a file was not there?

Thanks for your answer !
Yes, the scene shows a red and white checker board instead of the texture !

There are limits to what can by done on someone else’s file system. Change stuff and see what happens.

  • write to a different directory
  • save the texture inside of the .babylon file, by checking Inline on the Textures / Materials section of world properties.

Also, you need to manually look at that directory, before bothering with a anything else. Is the file there or not. If it is, and you are viewing through the Sandbox, you just forgot to select the texture along with the .babylon file.

OK, I will check all of this and I’ll return to tell you !
Thank you very very much !

It works !!! I’ve forgotten to check “INLINE” !!!
Thank you !!!