Examples from the PG thread (deleted?)

Following the recent topic reclaiming the return of the old forum, I would also have one more to add.
I would actually have liked to have a category of ‘complaints’ to post this.

I was just remembering an example on how to agglomerate meshes I know was in this thread. In fact lots of things for inspiration were in this thread.
Just realized this link is down:


I find this just very sad.

Well the link works for me
The only reason it would change would be if the initial OP deleted his topic.

For me it doesn’t work either. He must be deprived of the blow if @Deltakosh see.

THey are hidden by the original author:

That’s unfortunate. why hide them?

Well then who is the original author? I really thought this was owned by the BJS core team, not just a single person. The way I see it it was a community and communication tool and many members posted in this thread. If it’s a decision from the team (for reasons of com or else), it doesn’t make me very happy but is fine. Else, I’d say something is wrong here.

It is up to everyone to decide. This is their intellectual property

I guess I was unclear. Every time you post a message, you are the author. And if later you change your mind and want to hide/delete your message this is your right.

Here someone posted a message and then decided to hide it. Babylon forum is a freedom place. Up to each other to decide what to do with what you posted

you can see the thread right? some message in the thread are hidden by their author but the full thread should be there

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Oh I see what was happening!! The original author of that thread asked for us to delete his account. Which we are always fine to do

But then all the posts he initiated where hidden. I unhide this one :slight_smile:

Back in business :smile: Thx a lot

No worries, I understand intellectual property and individual freedom.