Old forum gamedevs (deleted)

It sometimes happened to me to return to the old forum of my debut to search for old messages. There was a lot of useful information on this old forum, links to PGs…
This forum was said to be dedicated to archiving and that it would not be deleted.
Unfortunately, it is totally deleted. I am really very disappointed with this. I know it’s not the fact of Babylon. But it might have been useful to find a way to recover all his archives somewhere.
There it is a whole very long story of the life of Babylon which is deleted and it is very regrettable I find…


Getting nostalgic, are you? :wink: :older_man:
Jokes apart, I sure do hope that even if not accessible anymore through the forum the

has not been deleted and forgotten!!!

May be we should start thinking about opening a ‘museum’ with all Babylon milestones so we can still remember and continue build on the original idea of the founders. :thinking: Never forget where you are coming from. Strength and confidence can only be gained working on a solid base. :smiley:


yeah, i’m nostalgic. :smiley: it’s at least 5 years of Babylon’s history that disappears.
There were many still useful posts that cannot be found on this forum.
I find it regrettable all the same to lose so much information.


This must be recent I was only checking some posts on it a week or two ago. I think someone archived it somewhere when the move was made. Let’s hope so and somebody knows where it is.

@nasimiasl do you still have an archive of the old forum?

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Yes it must be 2, 3 days. I went there less than a week ago.

Only upto 2016 so last 3 years missing.

EDIT.Oh dear not a full archive just opening page.

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I could have written a scraper to grab the data had I known…

Even the direct links don’t work:
Sorry, we could not find that! (html5gamedevs.com)
Sorry, you do not have permission for that! (html5gamedevs.com)


It looks like most of the site has been saved by archive.org.


Well, maybe not:


That’s whack. :pleading_face: Some if us put our heart and souls into that and I still use posts from it as a reference.

That prolly makes over half of my demos just gone… Sad day.


@brianzinn I went to your link. It says is shutting down, grab anything you want, but it looks like you need a log on. Anyone still remember their password?

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I am logged in - still no permissions. Maybe an administrative account has access - not sure if any forum members here had one…

My password still exists. You can retrieve it by email. your account still exists.

i have full backup from that
if that not load up Let i run my backup


that need some review on UX/UI
i add them here


Cool. Now I can see your young faces again :grinning: :boy:


Woot NASIMI with the save!


Oh! that’s a bummer :frowning: He said he would keep it but I guess it was long time ago


You save the day buddy!