Examples in playground cannot open now

I just click the examples in Babylon.js Playground and nothing respond. While it should show the content of that example, so is there something wrong with the page?

Same here. Weird.

Here too, and as a beginner I am stuck without the playground ;/

Any info from admin side?

I´ve been working on a PG and can´t access my code ;-(


image no sense for me, how to deal with this :frowning:

There is currently a problem with the Playground. Unfortunately we will probably have to wait until a timezone, of one of the core team that can deal with it, becomes the working day. Please be patient similar problems in the past have been solved as soon as practicable.

Please call SuperMan to rotate the earth faster !!§

The server hosting the snippets is having a cert to renew. We ll do as soon as @Deltakosh is up. It should not be long, thanks to jet lag :slight_smile:

Pushing a workaround, playground should be up now.

Ok, I was able to make the final fix, a change on the server forced us to upgrade some of the cert automation in place.

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Sorry for the inconvenience folks:(

same problem, now

Yep no worries we are on it